Searching Out the End

Lee is looking toward the next.
Lee looks for the rhythm to accelerate.
Lee hears the change of the sunset to from russet to black.
Lee hunts down sound, conjures images, harnesses words and plays with yesterday.
Lee waits for the rain to never end.
Lee is a searcher.
Lee dreams of the physics of the cosmos
Lee moves through theoretical indifference
Lee slices the moments into comprehensible bits.
Lee puzzles for patterns in the pieces
Lee is a searcher.
Lee looks for heart in the face of a dog.
Lee gives her heart away in hopes of a kiss.
Lee loses her way in the wishes of people who don’t wish for her.
Lee ties bows on empty packages,
Lee misses love in front of her nose.
Lee is a searcher.
Lee saves piles of read and unread books
Lee knows the answer is out there, and in here.
Lee forgets to remember, and remembers what she forgot.
Lee believes in what has disappeared and then mysteriously reappeared.
Lee sits poised on the edge of this and that, yes and no, stop and go.
Lee is a searcher.
Lee wonders what it would be like to live forever.
Lee wonders what it means to be good enough and believe it.
Lee wonders why the dreary news is the news that make the news
Lee wonders about the soul of possibility in every soul.
Lee wonders what it’s all about.
Lee is always searching.
Lee feels like a fool.
Lee escapes to a mountain top in her head.
Lee hurries to hide her thoughts in everyday chatter
Lee lives in speeding traffic lanes and drive-thru days.
Lee gets tired of searching.
Lee really likes the sound of her son’s footsteps.
Lee relishes his head on her shoulder.
Lee loves his soft stuffed tiger in his sleeping arms.
Lee slows down to be alive.
Lee stops searching.

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