to me that is, since I'm the only one who reads these posts.

Sure bloging is a convenient way of talking to oneself, a nice track of the thoughts of the year in a recognizeable and comforting form, but to tell you the truth, it's also a bit disconcerting. Why, I may ask? Because I suffer from autodismemorgraphia.

Yes, you guessed it.
I forget what I write.

Do I?

As you can tell (once again talking to myself) I haven't posted my works on this particular blog in quite a while. The last date was May and before that the first flurry in February. There's other things I've been writing and this kinda slipped my consciousness. Thank god for auto password recognition otherwise I may never have remembered this user name and password.

Autodismemoriagraphia. Something like that. I'm surprised that I actually was thinking earlier this year, that my words were a recognizeable style, and that I may have something interesting to say once in awhile. Whoever penned the sentences was witty, struggling, revealing and funny. And inconsistent in a good way.

But I don't remember writing it all. Here and there a sentence, a phrase, a joke...but there's stretches that don't seem familiar at all. Who was it that took over my body, used my computer and password and blogged on to my life? Talk about the ephemeral nature of it all.

Wow. If I don't blog for a while and I read this will it still be me if I don't recognize it? Is it early signs of memory loss? Have I unhinged identity from the bricks of the past? I like that. Unhinged, my portal now floats in the cosmos, opening doors into whatever universe comes next.


But I don't think I'll remember writing that either.


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